Para Care | First Aid Training Ipswich | Brisbane West
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Paracare First Aid – Quality First Aid Training in Brisbane by Registered Paramedics.

Have you ever completed a first aid / CPR course and asked yourself the following question ? I wonder if the instructor has ever had this situation in REAL LIFE ?

All of our instructors have performed CPR on babies, children and adults. They have attended to and treated patients for actual anaphylaxis and severe asthma attacks. Strokes, heart attacks and treated unconscious diabetics, not to mention dealing with multi system trauma. The list goes on… But so does the experience of each one of our trainers.

Here are 6 important reasons why we offer the Best First Aid Training in Brisbane West / Ipswich and surrounding suburbs.

First Aid Supplies / Kits and Defibrillators

Stockists of Quality First Aid Kits and Defibrillators to suit any budget, be sure to check out our page.

Individual Attention

We keep our classes to a manageable size, in order to guarantee that we provide our clients with the individual attention that they come to expect from an industry professional.

Professional Advice

Feel safe in the knowledge of knowing that you have obtained sound professional advice and instruction, from true industry professionals. Having the credibility and credentials to match.

Supportive Learning Environment

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all our students, no matter what your age or preferred learning technique.

Qualified Instructors

Paracare only uses the BEST! That?s why all our instructors are industry professionals in the Emergency Services field. All instructors are current in their skills and training, guaranteeing that you are up to date with the latest in skills and techniques.

Our Guarantee

We understand that you want the peace of mind knowing that you will have the skills and knowledge, to manage any Emergency or First Aid situation that you might be confronted with.

That’s why we guarantee that at the end of one of our quality courses, you will leave feeling empowered to perform your role as a First Aider in a safe and confident manner.

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